Ultrasonic Anilox Washing Machine

Ultrasonic Anilox Washing Machine

Wear-resisting pipe structure:

Steel lining polyurethanewear-resisting pipe is a pipeline of high wear resistance, high pressure, high resistance toerosion. It is made by carbon nano-materials and special polyurethane adhesivesticky body, coupled centrifugal casting technology and carbon nano-curingtechnology, using a pressure pipe carrier, in the pipe wall lining on a layeruniform, smooth polyurethane carbon nano-resistant material, and specialproduction technology and processing techniques composite.

, Our technical support:

Introduce the foreign production of rawmaterials and advanced production technology, testing equipment, high productquality, our company strict implement of international quality managementsystem.

, Wear-resisting pipe features:

1, anti-aging

The carbon nanomaterials used in polyurethane is a leading internationalbusiness technology, through a certain proportion and complex process makesboth complementary strengths and weaknesses, polyurethane material aging ratein 50 years does not exceed 0.26%.

2, the optimal impact and abrasion resistance

Due topolyurethane lined has better elastic, when the medium subjected to impact polyurethane is forced to compression under the action ofexternal force, polyurethane restitution after external force disappears, thiskind of way greatly reduces the wear that directly strong scour to inner wall of pipeline by themedium, its wear life is ten times of the pipe.

3, Anti-fouling:

Polyurethaneelastomer liner having a symmetrical molecular structure, it do not form on theslurry Ca2 +, Co32-, HCO3, OH plasma suction effect, do not form scale layer,with a smooth inner surface, good elasticity, can prevent the adhesion offouling layer, so it has better scaling, slow performance scale

4, Small running resistance:

Smooth and transparent surface of the liner, an absolute roughness of theinner wall of 0.082, can reduce operating costs.

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