Rotary Paper Sheeting Machine

Rotary Paper Sheeting Machine

CBADEN MACHINERY GROUP design and build this Rotary Paper Sheeting Machine Model DTCP1400,it is with servo precision high speed sheet cutter machine( paper roll cutter )can make the roll paper into sheet, slitting, repair paper edge, and ensure high precision and quantity.RYSM serials servo sheet cutter machine have abundant hardware configuration, it is almost nearly suitable for any product's requirements.




Technic parameter:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->

paper   roll cutter Model


Maximum   width of roll

1400 mm

Thickness   of cutting paper


paper   roll cutter  Machine weight

About   13000kg

Max.   scroll diameter


Power   supply

380v/220v/50Hz   (three phases)

 can be made according to customer’s customer

Max.   cutting speed 300 cuts/min.

300   cuts/min

Cutting   Length


Cutting   Precision

cutting   length 1000mm: ±0.3mm;

Cutting   length>1000mm: ±0.1%

Cutting   speed


The   request for air compressor


The   format of slitting

2   sheets

paper   roll cutter  Height of stacking



More detail :

(1)it adopts nodular cast iron(model:DTC500-7),paper rack arm, special casting processing, high strength,non deformation, ensure the safety of the paper rack arm.

(2)it adopts steel material (DT335),machine's body deal with special machining, high strength,ensure body non deformation.  paper roll cutter

(3)the whole set of machine are all adopt NSK /SKF brand bearing .

(4)the machine use the Schneider , Omron, SMC brand etc.

(5)the delivery belt adopts Japan brand.

(6)the precision of sheet are: +0.5mm,the Max. cutting speed of SM model are 300sheet/min;300m/min; .

(7)the rotary knife blade adopt Germany material, high precision, non deformation,easy adjustment.

(8)it adopts automatic diagnal system, let it diagnol quickly.

(9)it equipped with automatic anti-curve adjustment device, ensure the paper flat quickly when adjust it.

(10)delivery unit: it adopts prepare press device,let the paper no wadding.

(11)touch screen : it shows in Chinese and English.  paper roll cutter

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