Rotary Head Film Blowing MachineRotary Head Film Blowing Machine

Rotary Head Film Blowing Machine

Model: SJ55D/FM800SJ60D/FM1000SJ65D/FM120

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Rotary Head Film Blowing Machine

Model: SJ55D/FM800SJ60D/FM1000SJ65D/FM120

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group design and build this CBADEN Rotary Head Film Blowing Machine Model SJ55D/FM800SJ60D/FM1000SJ65D/FM1200.

The rotary head film blowing machine is suitable for blowing low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low density  polyethylene (LLDPE) and other plastic film. It is widely used in the fields of  in liquid packaging, garment and textile packaging, industrial products  packaging, etc.

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More Detail:

1. The extruder barrel and screw are made of high quality alloy steel and undergo nitrogenizing and precision machining processes. So they offer great  hardness and corrosion resistance.

2. The auxiliary machine uses a platform table for convenient operation and is  equipped with bubble stabilizing ring.

3. The coiling unit features double rolling and double cutting. Adopting a  torque motor, it can keep proper tension for orderly recoiling and easy roll-changing results.

Rotary Head Film Blowing Machine Parameter:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Screw diameter55mm60mm65mm
Screw L/D ratio28:128:1 28:1
Screw speed10-100r/min10- 100r/min10- 100r/min
Maximum productivity50Kg/h65Kg/h70 Kg/h      70Kg/h
Main power15Kw18.5Kw22Kw
Die head spec.Φ 100-150mmΦ 100-80mmΦ 120-220mm
Machine head rotation modeContinuousContinuousContinuous
Film single-sided thickness0.01-0.10mm0.01-0.10mm0.01-0.10mm
Max. film folding diameter800mm1000mm1200mm
Total electrical capacity2 6Kw30Kw42Kw
Machine weight2300Kg3000Kg3800Kg
Machine dimensions6000 × 2000 × 4000mm6500 × 2500 × 4500mm6800 × 2400 ×  4800mm

Rotary Head Film Blowing Machine Parameter:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
ModelSJ80D/FM800 SJ100D/Fm2000
Screw diameter 80mm100mm
Screw L/D ratioL/D28:1 L/D28:1
Screw speed10-100r/min10-100r/min
Maximum productivity86Kg/h140Kg/h
Main power 30Kw55Kw
Die head spec.Φ 150-300mmΦ 500mm
Machine head rotation modeContinuousContinuous
Film single-sided thickness0.01-0.10mm0.01-0.10mm
Max. film folding diameter 1500mm2000mm
Total electrical capacity56Kw88Kw
Machine weight 4600Kg6000Kg
Machine dimensions7000 × 2700 × 5500mm8000 × 3200 × 7600mm

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