High Speed Stitching Machine for Corrugated Box

High Speed Stitching Machine for Corrugated Box

High Speed Stitching Machine for Corrugated Box Model SDQD2400/2700/3000

Introduction :

It is suitable to stitch one pcs or two pcs of corrugated paper or irregular corrugated box .
It is suitable to make large-size of three , five layers ,as well as box of seven layers .
It is adopted the fully electric system to control the paper size .
Stitching :single nail ,double nails and strengthen nails could be done in one process .
Automatic counting paper in the paper feeding , and automatic binding up in the paper delivery .
With the feature that fast stitching that largely save people effort  ,this machine is suitable to making large-size corrugated box.
Computer control system, the distance of nail is adjusted automatically.
Distance of nail from 30mm to 120mm , which is adjustable.
Mechanical speed :500pcs/min.

Parameter :

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Model SDQD2400 SDQD 2700 SDQD 3000
Max. Sheet Size(A+B)×2 4800mm 5400mm 6000mm
Min. Sheet Size(A+B)×2 1060mm 1060mm 1060mm
Max. Sheet Length 2250mm 2550mm 2850mm
Min. Sheet Length 350mm 350mm 350mm
Max. Sheet Width 1200mm 1350mm 1500mm
Min. Sheet Width 180mm 180mm 180mm
Min. Sheet Height(C+D+C) 400mm 400mm 400mm
Stitching Pitch 30-120mm 30-120mm 30-120mm
No. of Stitching 1-99 1-99 1-99
Machine Speed 500 Stitch/min 500 Stitch/min 500 Stitch/min
Power Required 18HP 18HP 18HP
Machine Length 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm
Max. Stopper Measurement 600mm(C)
Max. TS Width 45mm(E)
Min. First Stitch Pitch 25mm(D) without cover
Machine Width 3550mm 3850mm 4150mm
Machine Weight 4000kg 4100kg 4200kg

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