High Speed Roll Copy Paper Cutting MachineHigh Speed Roll Copy Paper Cutting Machine

High Speed Roll Copy Paper Cutting Machine

Model: DTCP5-30

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High Speed Roll Copy Paper Cutting Machine

Model: DTCP5-30

High Speed Roll Copy Paper Cutting Machine Model SADC5-30

Introduction :

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group design and build this High Speed Roll Copy Paper Cutting Machine Model SADC5-30 Machine,it is improved by the new technic of our company, which make up a blank in China market. It , with the five unwinding roller , has the highest precision that can be instead of foreign machines ,the output is around 30 ream . It is the best choose among the manufactures who produce medium or high level products. This machine is suitable for cutting the large coil packaging material(such as Gloss photo paper, digital photo paper, ordinary paper, coated paper, board paper,  Gold or  Silver cardboard, holographic paper, cigarettes & wines packing and printing material .etc) , paper & plastic complex material and fiber material, etc.

This machine is fully automatic cutting and packing  the A4 ,the packing way for the A3 paper is by manual.


The machine function as from big paper roll into the ream after cutting Directly:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Paper roller :
copy paper :

Main Structure:

1. Non-shaft paper rising shelves of the ground controlling system------ three sets

2. Advanced tension controlling system ------ Five sets.

3.Four sets of anti-warping mechanisms------Five sets.

4. Longitudinal cutting knife groups------Five sets.

5. Simultaneous cross-cutting knife groups-----One set.

6. High-speed paper feeding system----- One sets

7. Low-speed paper feeding system----- One sets

8. Waste paper automatically discharging system-----One set.

9. Making papers in order of 2D oscillation, screw rod lifting device of paper reams collecting system------One set.

10. PLC reams of paper counting device------One set.

11.  Paper reams longitudinally and transverse discharging equipment-----One set.

12.  PLC error alarm machine haulting system and PLC controlling equipment ------One set.

High Speed Roll Copy Paper Cutting Machine Model SADC5-30 Main Technical Parameter For Cutting Machine:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->

Gross width


Net  width


Number   of cutting

4  slittings-A4 210mm(width)

Diameter  of paper roll


Diameter  of paper roll's core


Paper  grade

High  grade copy paper, writing paper, two-side offset paper etc.

Weight  of paper sheet


Length  of paper cutting


Paper quantity


Ream  height


Designing speed of paper cutting


Times of  cutting


Cycle  time of ream exhausted


Production speed of paper cutting


Times of  cutting


Cycle  time of ream exhausted

5-7  Cycles/min(25-30 reams/min)

Load of  paper cutting


Paper  cutting accuracy

±0.2mm(Permissible error)

Paper  cutting condition

1. Speed  not change 2.Paper roll with no breakage 3. Qulified paper rolls.


AC  Frequency conversion,stepless speed regulating

Main  power source


Adjustable voltage

220V  AC/22V DC

Installed capacity


Air  consumption


Pneumatic pressure


Machine   Weight


Machine  dimension(cutting machine)


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