Fully UV Coating Machine

Fully UV Coating Machine

Fully UV Coating Machine Features

1. The fully UV coating machine offers high automation, high speed and high efficiency.

2. Using a belt conveyor and stepless speed regulation, the highest speed can reach 80m per minute.

3. The fully UV coating machine is designed with independent space for each work station and can be assembled together to be used in large scale printing enterprises.

Technical Specifications of the Fully UV Coating Machine

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Max. coating width950mm1150mm1150mm
Paper thicknessl80-600g/m280-600g/m2280-600g/m2
Max. working speed60m/min60m/min60m/min
Total power38KW38KW38KW
Machine dimensions3000kg3500kg3500kg
Machine weight9100×1850×1600mm9100×2050×1600mm9100×2050×1600mm

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