Double-color Flexography Printing Machine

Double-color Flexography Printing Machine

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group design and build this CBADEN Plastic Bag Film Flexographic Printing Machine Model SB66/68/61, it is designed for printing film material for making the plastic bag , etc. ;The ideal equipment for the printing and packing industrial .

Our paper bag flexographic printing machine is designed for shopping bags and is suitable for printing such packing materials as paper bag in roll paper type , etc. It is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bags for food, supermarket handbag, vest bags, clothes bag, etc.

Performance and Features:
1. Easy operation, flexible starting, accurate color register.
2. The meter counter can set printing quantity according to the requirements. Stop the machine automatically
at the quantity or when the material is cut off.
3. Pneumatic printing cylinder lift and lower, it will stir the printing ink automatically after lifting.
4. The printing ink is spread by the anilox cylinder with even ink color.
5. Reliable drying system coordinated with high speed rotation, it will automatically break circuit when the machine stops.
6. 360°continuous and adjustable longitudinal register device.
7. The frequency control of motor speed adapts to different printing speeds.
8. There are Jogging/Stopping buttons on the plate roller base and material rolling rack so as to make it easy operate the machine when the plate is installed

Technic parameter :

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Max. Web Width2000mm
Max. Effective Printing Width1960mm
Range of Repeat Printing Length191~914mm
Max. Diameter of Roll Materialф450mm
Printing Speed5~50m/min
Plate Thickness(Both side adhesive tape included)2.38mm
Total Power18Kw
Machine Dimension2300×3060×2145mm

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->


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